Nothing much for you lovely people to see as most of the new features I’ve been working on have been behind the scenes creating an admin interface, as well as slowly working on a public API.

It’s been much of the same for the last few weeks, with with me working on the following over the last week or so:

  1. Sales report admin dashboard.
  2. Highlighting domains with prior sales.

New Sales Report Admin Dashboard

Most recently I’ve been working on an admin dashboard that will give me greater visibility and control over things that already exist, but more so for new functionality I am hoping to add soon.

This does mean that my time is being spent on features and functionality that doesn’t seem to directly benefit visitors to the site, but the iterations frequently improve and optimise functionality across the board.

The latest addition to the dashboard is to make my life easier for creating monthly sales reports. I wanted to prioritise this as I will need to write this months sales report in the coming days.

It basically provides me a bunch of different table views and stats that I like to display in the monthly sales reports, including:

  1. A table showing the Top 10 domain sales for the month
  2. A table for showing all domains that have been sold before, with each row showing the domain sale count.

Anything that can make this process easier has got to be a good thing (for me).

Highlighting Domains With Prior Sales

Nothing major, but with the work I have been doing to the sales report dashboard means I made it easier to highlight domains that have prior sales history.

Hovering on the star tells you how many times the domain name has sold before. This is a feature restricted to members only, so you will only see this if you have an account and are signed in.

Table data of domain name sales. Some table rows have a star, which show domains with prior sales history.

How can showing domains with prior sales be useful, or interesting?

One of the reasons I started building Domain Sales History in the first place was so I could extract stats and pieces of info like this.

I personally love delving into things like this, as they often serve as a catalyst to find other transactions or domains that follow similar patterns, which allows you to spot trends. Trends that might be based on sales platform, seasonal time of year, price, or all of the above.

It will allow you to discover stats around total accumulated domain sale value, average sale value, or even just see quick flips, and their profits (or loss).

Upcoming Features

Unfortunately I had to spend some time this week trying to work out some kind of Terms and Conditions around fair usage for people who wish to use domain sales data in their own websites. I know that realistically I can’t control how my data is used, but I figured it’s a good thing to have it in place to point people to it if they do send a request in future.

I’m going to continue working on the public API as a partial priority, which will allow me to build some things that I am quite excited about.

User domain sale submission

This is one of the most frequently requested features, so it is something I am prioritising. I can definitely see the value in adding it to the platform, allowing people to submit private sales quickly and easily.

Rating a domain sale

I’ve always liked the idea of this one, and thought it could potentially serve 2 purposes.

User interaction on a site like this is always nice, and being able to vote on whether you think a domain was sold for too much, not enough, or just about right, means that this can be included on monthly sales reports to rank the best and worst sales of the month.

Browser extensions

A lot of the new features I have planned are around things that I haven’t had very much experience in. Ultimately, this app allows me to grow as a developer. Building the API will allow me to build things like this much easier and quicker.

Ideas for browser extension features would be:

  1. Default splash page when opening a new tab, displaying:
    • Latest domain sales.
    • Top 10 domain sales this month.
    • Top 10 domain sales ever.
    • Links to latest sales reports.
  2. Tinder for UK domain sales
    • Making use of the domain sale rating API, you will be able to swipe to like or dislike a domain sale based on whether you feel it was good value or not.


I know not many people will be sold by this, but I think it’ll be a fun little thing for me to build.

This guy builds cool little interactive apps, and I stumbled across this auction “guess the price” based game. I think this would be cool to make. Again, making use of the public API means I could use the data to try and define whether a domain was sold for too much, or too little.

Author: Chris

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