August was yet another month for behind the scenes work, including new features and functionality added to the public API I’ve been working on for a while now (it’s slow going when real life gets in the way), and improvements to the sales report admin dashboard I started building for myself that I mentioned back in the July update.

Sales Report Dashboard updates

Obviously this is nothing that directly effects you, but I added some panels to breakdown sales into groups, like:

  • LLL domains sold this month
  • Sales per domain extension
  • Total sales revenue grouped by currency code
  • Transactions grouped by Sales Platform
New Features: August 2021

I also added functionality to allow me to navigate from month to month, so I can go back and write sales reports for any month in the past.

These updates makes it so much easier to write the monthly sales reports!! My first sales report was June 2021, and while it was possible to gather most of the data using the search filters available on the site, it was time consuming and still required too much manual effort.

The benefit to being able to code is to build what you want, and to make your life easier – so I did!

Which reminds me – I will also need to create a dashboard for an end of year bumper sales report!

API Features Added

New features added to public API is primarily based around search and filtering, including:

  1. Exact match domain search
  2. Keyword term search, including “like” queries
  3. Filter results based on Domain properties, including:
    1. Extension
    2. Character type (string, number)
    3. Length
    4. Hyphenated
  4. Filter results based on Transaction properties, including:
    1. Sales Platform
    2. Publisher (where the sale was announced)
    3. Currency code
    4. Year
    5. Month
  5. Advanced filters including:
    1. Domain length less and/or more than
    2. Extension is not “,”, to only display .uk and results
    3. Sale Date filters
      1. Today
      2. x days ago
      3. x months ago
      4. Start date
      5. End date

All of the above will give me greater flexibility and fluidity with upcoming features I want to add to both the app, but also things like interactivity to Sales Reports, charts, extensions, etc.

Upcoming Features

With the recent updates to the API implemented, I still have some way to go to ensure it all works as expected. I will be writing some tests, and refining/optimising the queries to improve performance.

User domain sale submissions

I had this as an upcoming feature last month, and unfortunately it has carried over all the way through August. I need to bump this up the priority list, as I am more than sure that there are plenty of sales that haven’t been released in the past that I would love to both add to the database, but also do a write up on.

Rating a domain sale

I mentioned this one last month too, and it is a piece of functionality that is now that bit closer cue to the work on the API.

User interaction and participation is always nice, and being able to vote on whether you think a domain was sold for too much, not enough, or just about right, means that this can be included on monthly sales reports to rank the best and worst sales of the month.

Browser extensions

Again, due to the work on the API over the last month or so means that being able to write and launch browser extensions will be that much easier.

Searching, filtering, and ordering domain sales is one of the key pieces of functionality to make the database useful. Being able to extract the exact dataset I want for any given piece of functionality will obviously prove beneficial.

Building a browser extension will make things like domain sale submissions that much more fluent for you guys too, so it will be a win-win for everyone.


I’m super excited with how things are coming along. I’ve learned loads already, and I just know I’m going to learn so much more in the coming months.

Seeing all of the hard work come to fruition, and actually make my life easier with future plans means that I’m less likely to avoid enhancing to offerings from Domain Sales History, which can surely only be a good thing for all of us.

Writing the API was always going to be a pain point for me, and to be honest, it hasn’t been as bad as I thought it would be. The hardest part is implementing the search and filtering functionality finalised – and that is nearly complete! Woop!

Author: Chris

3 min read