Having missed September updates due to having a bit of a break, I thought I’d take it a little slower again this month. I feel that over the past 12 months I’ve put quite a bit of work into the main app rebuild, and launching the blog mid-2021, and I’m feeling a little burnt out with it.

Sales Report Signposting

I want to try and get more eyes on the Sales Reports found on the blog, and the first step for that is to implement better signposting from the home page of the main app.

Latest Update: October 2021

Making use of the fairly recent addition to WordPress of the JSON API, I created a little wrapper to retrieve, parse, and display clickable cards that link to the latest 3 sales reports.

I will eventually create a site wide footer that displays a more low profile version of this component, but this is a step in the right direction.

Sales report admin dashboard

I made further additions to the Sales Report admin dashboard, which again doesn’t benefit everyday users, but gives me additional stats to reference in sales report posts.

I basically created 3 additional tables that display the top 10 sales per platform, as well as the top 10 LLL domain sales.

I feel that these items can prove beneficial to me, and give me quick access to insights I might otherwise miss.

API filters

I have also been doing some API filter work, with the next steps going to be creating a UI to display data in charts, allowing me to add some interaction into future sales report posts.

I still don’t have a target launch date for this functionality, and I don’t really want to put pressure on myself to get it done.

Author: Chris

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