Creating dynamically generated sales reports

I’ve been manually writing & publishing monthly UK domain sales reports since July 2021, and i’ve recently decided to dynamically generate these sales reports.

To give a little context about why I spent hours of my life to dynamically generate this content, it’s because each post would take me between 2-3hrs.

Dedicating 2-3hrs each and every month felt like a time sink away from family and other things I would rather be doing, but I would also get so stressed at the thought of coming to the end of a month!

Another consideration was delayed reported sales. Quite frequently there would be a handful of delayed reported sales, and these would impact the sales report itself if they made their way into the months top 10, and especially if they were within the top 3 sales.

I came to the conclusion that I needed to delay writing sales reports for around 7 days, only leaving around 3 weeks until the end of the month – which I would in turn get stressed about!

I know it’s silly, and I know that writing monthly articles since July 2021 means that this is “only” 6 posts, but it was a time commitment that I had pinned to myself, and I wanted to stick to it.

Reducing the stress…

With this in mind, I decided to spend some time automating the process after being inspired by recent tweets from @iannuttall.

After a few hours work, I now have 16+ years of programmatically generated content, which equates to more than 192x monthly sales reports.

Planned Improvements

For those of you that are wondering: I do already have some planned improvements.

Sometimes there are edge cases that may cause grammatical errors, but in all honesty, i’ve read worse out there in the wild!

I will also be adding functionality that allows me to add manual content for “best of the rest“, and “final thoughts“, etc. Data visualisations will also be added to make the reports even more appealing

I feel that this additional manual content is important, and can highlight some additional areas of interest that you just cannot programmatically implement.

I’m now feeling stress free!

Most importantly (for me), I no longer feel stressed or pressured to write a sales report at the end of each month, as I know there will be one created for me!

I’ve always felt it was important to publish this data consistently, and in a readable format.

What will happen to the blog. subdomain?

I will be looking to move all content into the main app, and removing the blog. subdomain in the not too distant future. I want to concentrate SEO efforts into the main app, so this is a required step.

Blog. was only ever created to get me to pull my finger out and remove obstacles, and I’m glad I executed the functionality the way I did.

Attempting to monetise

Although hesitant at first, I have also added monetisation through display ads.

Currently, only non-logged in users will see these ads, and new user sign-ups have been disabled (for now). I am looking to change this functionality so that people who have supported me in the past will get an ad-free experience.

What do I define as “supporting me”?

Right now, I define “supporting me” as:

  • Donated through my Ko-fi page
  • Giving words of support and wisdom behind the scenes
  • Provided sales data
  • Agreed to, and completed a UK domainer interview

Author: Chris

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