The June 2021 edition of UK domain sales report brings 249 reported domain sales with a total value of around £224,176. Of all the domains sold this month, 4 domains have made it into the top 10 UK domain sales for 2021!

June is a bit of a weird month to begin the journey of reporting monthly UK domain name sales, but I guess you have to start somewhere.

As I write more sales reports, no doubt I will want to make them more aesthetically pleasing and interesting, so please bare with me while I try to get into some kind of rhythm of what kind of information to include.

How many UK domains were sold in June?

We saw the total number of UK domain sales hitting 249, which seems fairly moderate number when comparing against the previous 3 months.

Almost all sales were in GBP except for 2 private sales in USD: sold for $17,000, and sold for $8,000, showing there definitely is value in the shorter .uk domain extension, both of which feature in the…

Top 10 UK Domain Name Sales for June 2021

Kicking us off this month is the private sale of announced via (with the included as part of the sale) finding itself not just the biggest sale of June, but the biggest sale of the year so far! was the 2nd highest UK domain sale of the month, selling on Sedo for what I think is a fantastic price of £35,000, which also ranks it number 2 for the year.

In 3rd position we have selling for £20,000, which ranks it within not just the top 5 UK domains sold in 2021 (so far), but also makes it the 7th highest recorded price paid for a 3 letter UK domain name.

4th position is which was sold for $17,000 (£12,258) via Sedo, which is enough to rank it 7th for the year.

DomainPricePlatformExtensionLength£110,000Private Sale.uk6£35,£20,$17,000Private Sale.uk5$8,000Private Sale.uk5£4,£3,000Private£2,£2,£1,

Best Bargain Buys for June

I wanted to try and highlight a handful of sales that I would consider good value for money, and there was plenty of value to be found in 3 letter .uk domains being sold on Acorn Domains with 10 x 3 letter .uk domains being sold for £15 each, highlighting the importance of staying active in all of the various potential marketplaces online!

I’m not sure what you could do with from a development perspective, but I do feel it was a great investment at £1,518. is on obvious development and/or marketing domain which was a corker for £2,999. It passes the radio test and is also great from a print marketing perspective. It could prove to be a very shrewd investment when everything starts opening up after the infinite-loop of covid-19 lockdowns.

I feel that is a great brand-able, and at £75 it’s very little money for development and some memorable marketing tactics. Another shrewd investment there.

Top Performing Sales Platforms for June 2021

I like to believe that “Top Performing” is a relative phrase. Some sales platforms have been around longer and have earned a loyal customer base. Other sales platforms (like Sedo) sell a broad range of domain extensions and naturally receive a larger viewership, meaning more potential buyers which can inflate the eventual sale price.

PlatformSalesValueAvg. Sale Price
Private Sale4£130,739£32,685

Final Thoughts

Initially I thought about implementing the Avg. Sale Price column to try and ascertain the potential value of using a specific platform over another (minus any commission fees of course). I feel that it probably adds nothing to the report, and may very well be removed from future reports depending on feedback.

I think for the purposes of future sales reports I might try to implement % change V.S previous month performance, rather than it coming across that I am comparing against, (or any other platform) when they each serve completely different purposes, and aren’t directly comparable.

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