Welcome to the October 2021 edition of the UK domain name sales report!

For those of you that haven’t been here before, every month I give an overview of all the interesting bits from publicly reported UK domain name sales.

You can read previous UK domain name sales reports, all of which are powered by sales data from Domain Sales History.

If you have sold any UK domain names or are aware of any sales that do not exist in the database, please do get in touch and let me know.

October UK domain sales overview

As a quick recap, the September sales report had 193 sales which was down -11%, but the total revenue was up +66% at £41,849.

This month I’m happy to report that it’s been a positive month for UK domain sales, with green across all stats which is always great to see!

There were 269 domain sales in October, an increase of +39% on last month. That’s the most domain sales in a month since I started writing sales reports. Only one sale was in USD, with the remaining sales being in GBP.

We also saw 125 .uk domain sales this month, which is an increase of +81% compared to September.

3 letter domain sales are also up by +40% with 21 sales, broken down as 17x .uk, 3x .co.uk, 1x .org.uk.

Total Sales Revenue

Revenue for this months sales totalled £61,241, which saw an increase of +40% on September. Of the reports I have written to date, it is the best performing month for total sales, and it’s the 2nd best performing month for total revenue.

MonthTotal Sales.co.uk.uk.org.ukLLLTotal Value

Top 3 UK domain names sold in October 2021

The best selling domain this month is Menu.co.uk, selling for £22,500 via BuyDomainNames.co.uk.

When navigating to the domain, there is a landing page with “coming soon to LS26”. For those of you that don’t know, that is a postal code for Leeds.

This is quite an investment that could potentially be used for an online booking and delivery system for local food establishments? Either way, we wish them the very best of luck with this one.

UK Domain Sales Report for October 2021

koro.co.uk was the 2nd best selling domain of the month, sold via Sedo for $3,799. Navigating to the current website doesn’t give much away with any kind of holding page, but the server configuration message does come up in German. Doing a Google search for the term “koro” returns a German owned e-commerce store koro-shop.co.uk, so maybe a more user friendly domain name for marketing purposes? Hyphenated domains are fairly popular in Germany, but not so much in the UK.

In 3rd position we have TheOaks.co.uk selling for £3,500 via Sedo (published via domaingang.com). Interestingly, the TheOaks.uk was also sold this month for £2,000 (coming in at #6 this month). Surely the same buyer?

When investigating further by navigating to both domains the DNS for .co.uk is not configured, but the .uk resolves to a Wix website.

Top 10 UK domain names sold in October 2021


Best of the rest

In this section I like to try and highlight a handful of alternative sales that I consider good value for money, domains that have previous sales history, or just worthy mentions.

I’m going to try something a bit different this month and pick the best of the rest, grouped by sales platform.

Best of the rest sold via Flip.uk

Mr-Bingo.org.uk sold for £750, which would have been bought based on its SEO value. It was previously owned by an artist I am actually quite fond of, and have followed for a few years since seeing him speak at a design conference a few years ago. He’s recently changed his domain name to mr.bingo, and clearly decided to just let this one drop.

Educated.uk sold for £20. I think this is a great buy, and is ideal for an online subscription based educational service, or maybe as a directory for private tuition.

RoofingCompany.uk sold for £1. Yes, you read that right, one measly GBP! Searching for that exact search term in Google returns more than 6.5 million results, including some PPC spots. This domain can be used for a multitude of purposes including an informational Adsense site, a business directory, or even as a marketing friendly domain. There is great potential for ROI on this purchase.

Best of the rest sold via Domainlore.uk

blogawardsuk.co.uk sold for £850. This is a domain that was bought primarily for SEO purposes. Taking a look through wayback history we can see it was most active back in 2017. It has a pretty good backlink profile, and could certainly prove to be a shrewd purchase based on that alone.

Influence.uk sold for £275. This is a great descriptive, brandable domain for a social media marketing company. A genuine steal at this price.

Menus.uk sold for £131. As mentioned earlier Menu.co.uk was the best selling domain in October selling for £22,500. For a bit of brand protection I think I might have been tempted to buy this one, especially at such a low price.

Best of the rest sold via UKBackorder.com

InBloom.co.uk sold for £500. This is a nice brandable domain for a florist, a garden nursery, or some kind of e-commerce store for plants, flowers, seeds, or general gardening. It’s certainly a bigger market since Covid-19 and people wanting to become more self sufficient.

GuidedTours.uk sold for £50. With more than 33.7 million results in Google for the exact search term including PPC positions, this is a fantastic descriptive, marketing friendly domain. A bargain at £50!

Looking at the sales history page, the .co.uk also sold for £50 back in August 2020. If it’s the same buyer, then that is a great bit of business to keep them as a pair.

Top Performing Sales Platforms for October 2021

I like to believe that “Top Performing” is a relative phrase. Some sales platforms have been around longer and have earned a loyal customer base. Other sales platforms (like Sedo) sell a broad range of domain extensions and naturally receive a larger viewership, meaning more potential buyers which can inflate the eventual sale price.

You also need to remember that Sedo charges 15% sales commission (at time of writing) for marketplace domains. The buyer is also expected to pay a 3% handling fee for any domain purchases over 500 USD / GBP / EUR when using Alipay, PayPal, and Credit Card.

(The below table is ordered alphabetically as that seems the most sensible).

PlatformSalesRevenueAvg. Sale Price
Domainlore.uk80 (+27%)£13,583 (-41%)£170 (-54%)
Flip.uk36 (+64%)£6,393 (+310%)£178 (+151%)
Sedo.com3 (+50%)£8,259 (+4%)£2,753 (-31%)
UKBackorder.com138 (+31%)£10,361 (+56%)£75 (+19%)

Domainlore closed the month with 80 sales and an average price of £170. The number of sales is up, but the platform revenue is down by 41%, which has had a negative impact on the average sale price when compared to September. This is slightly skewed though due to an anomalous sale last month, so it’s actually back to the range we’d expect to see.

Flip reported 36 sales this month, with an average price of £178. This is the best performing month for Flip in terms of both number of sales, and total revenue since I started writing sales reports. You love to see it!

Sedo sticks to tradition by reporting the fewest UK domain sales each month, but again tops the performance charts for best average domain sale price at £2,753.

UKBackorder.com was once again the top performing platform in number of sales, with 138 domains being sold at an average price of £75. Total revenue was nice to see creep past the £10k mark, too.

Final Thoughts

For the 2nd month in a row we saw an .org.uk domain sitting at the top of the pile at Domainlore, with plenty of interest receiving 9 bidders, 55 bids, and £3,360 paid for competition-commission.org.uk. This was an SEO domain with what looks like a solid backlink profile.

It’s also good to see back-to-back monthly revenue increase, although this was helped considerably by the £22,500 sale of Menu.co.uk which made up nearly a 3rd of the entire months total revenue. Congratulations!

We’re getting pretty close to Christmas so I am expecting a quiet couple of months now. I wouldn’t realistically expect to see numbers anywhere near this months results until maybe after February 2022.

My early indicators show that we are already -40% down on total number of sales compared to this time last month. I realise we’re less than 7 days into the new month, but I’d love to be proved wrong!

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