Welcome to the December 2021 edition of the UK domain name sales report! We’ve finally made it to the last month of the year, and it wont be too long before I write up and publish the 2021 annual sales report.

For those of you that haven’t been here before, every month I give an overview of all the interesting bits from publicly reported UK domain name sales.

You can read previous UK domain name sales reports, all of which are powered by sales data collated from Domain Sales History.

If you have sold any UK domain names or are aware of any sales that do not exist in the database, please do get in touch and let me know.

A quick recap on last months sales report

As a quick recap, the November sales report had 229 sales which was down -15%, and the total revenue was also down -14% at £52,508.

December UK domain sales overview

With December traditionally being one of the slowest months of the year for sales, it was quite nice to see a +6% in total sales compared to November.

3 letter domain sales are down by -4% with 23 sales, broken down as 7x .uk, 15x .co.uk, and 1x .org.uk.

Total Sales Revenue

All sales this month were in GBP, with total sales revenue coming in at £39,536, which is down -21% compared to November.

We can historically state that a revenue drop is to be expected in the month of December, and this year was no different. December 2021 the 2nd lowest revenue generating month that we have published in a sales report so far.

Only the August 2021 sales report was worse, winning the wooden spoon award with £25,166.

MonthTotal Sales.co.uk.uk.org.ukLLLTotal Value

Top 3 UK domain names sold in December 2021

Domainlore have taken gold and silver on the podium this month, with UKBackorder coming in bronze.

The best selling domain this month is MysteryShopping.co.uk, selling for £3,312 via Domainlore.

UK Domain Sales Report for December 2021

Navigating to that URL currently displays a holding page depicting a logo, so at this stage we can only assume it’s in development. The auction was for the .co.uk/.uk pair, both of which redirect to the .co.uk.

There were 37 bids in this auction, with what looks like 4 interested parties bidding throughout. Ultimately Buyer1 won the auction with an autobid (proxy).

In 2nd place we have Cables.co.uk, selling for £3,000 via Domainlore. Again, the auction included the .co.uk/.uk pair.

There were plenty of interested parties in this auction, with 10 unique interested buyers. In total there were 60 bids, with Buyer10 ultimately crossing the line first, coming in with their first bid with just over 10 minutes to go at 12:14, and the auction finishing at 12:25!

In 3rd place we have Pray.co.uk selling for £1,761 via UKBackorder. DNS hasn’t been updated on the domain yet. The .uk points to a Dan.com sales page. Querying whois suggests the TAGs are different, so unlikely to be the same registrant.

Top 10 UK domain names sold in December 2021


Best of the rest

In this section I like to try and highlight a handful of alternative sales that I consider good value for money, domains that have previous sales history, or just worthy mentions.

I like to group the sales by platform, helping to highlight the benefits of shopping around when it comes to domain investing.

Best of the rest sold via Flip.uk

bankofenglandsportscentre.co.uk sold for £10.

This was highlighted as being an SEO domain, with a Moz DA of 30, 2,294 backlinks, and 86 referring domains.

The website archive goes as far back as 2009, with 2018 having the most records, including the following:

UK Domain Sales Report for December 2021

Nestling in 32 acres of award-winning grounds, we are licensed for civil ceremonies and offer stunning surroundings, manicured lawns and a variety of function rooms and facilities to suit your needs. The Bank of England Sports Centre offers you and your guests a quintessentially English setting in which to celebrate your marriage in style!

therapist.org.uk sold for £60, and while it is an .org.uk which some find less appealing, it is a keyword strong domain covering a broad range of services, and ultimately opportunities.

therapist.uk is the highest selling UK domain with related keyword terms, which sold for £300 back in 2019 via Domainlore. It hasn’t been developed, and currently points to a DAN.com sales page.

Due to second meanings domain words can have, I always think back to articles like 10 worst website names when seeing domains like this, where it be read as TheRapist or as it is clearly intended, Therapist.

This can put some buyers off, and is always worth thinking about prior to investing unless it is for development purposes.

Best of the rest sold via Domainlore.uk

Authentic.uk sold for £410, and it has great potential as a brandable. Currently the .co.uk is not developed, and neither is the .com, so it could prove to be an inviting opportunity for a serious investor.

Issues.co.uk sold for £175. It has been sold before, back in 2015 for £300 via Domainlore.

This one has the potential to be some kind of magazine subscription site, or maybe even some kind of SaaS as a support platform. Either way, it seems like a pretty decent investment to me.

Zine.co.uk sold for £97, which I think is an absolute steal. The definition of zine is: “a magazine, especially a fanzine.”. So that opens it up to a broad range of potential uses, and is a fantastic investment opportunity.

The .uk is currently advertised for sale at £1,377 via DomainsForSale.uk

Best of the rest sold via UKBackorder.com

Adrenaline.uk sold for £376. The .co.uk is a dead end, but the .com is developed, advertising and selling experiences.

I quite like the idea of it being some kind of sports brandable, maybe an opportunity to get into some kind of sports clothing niche like GymShark.com

Southdowns.co.uk sold for £381. And somewhat unusually southdowns.uk was split and sold for £50.

A whois query shows 2 different TAGs, so I will assume 2 unique registrants which is a bit of a shame.

There is a potential immediate end user for these domains with southdownsinsurance.co.uk. Alternatively you could look to setup a geo affiliate based website for holidays and day trips in and around the South Downs.

Top Performing Sales Platforms for December 2021

I like to believe that “Top Performing” is a relative phrase. Some sales platforms have been around longer and have earned a loyal customer base. Other sales platforms (like Sedo) sell a broad range of domain extensions and naturally receive a larger viewership, meaning more potential buyers which can inflate the eventual sale price.

You also need to remember that Sedo charges 15% sales commission (at time of writing) for marketplace domains. The buyer is also expected to pay a 3% handling fee for any domain purchases over 500 USD / GBP / EUR when using Alipay, PayPal, and Credit Card.

(The below table is ordered alphabetically as that seems the most sensible).

PlatformSalesRevenueAvg. Sale Price
Domainlore.uk87 (+12%)£23,477 (+28%)£270 (+15%)
Flip.uk23 (-44%)£1,192 (-79%)£52 (-62%)
Sedo.com1 (-67%)£1,750 (-81%)£1,750 (-42%)
UKBackorder.com130 (+48%)£12,792 (+87%)£98 (+26%)

Domainlore closed the month with 87 sales (November: 78), and the platform revenue is up to £23,477 (November: £18,299). This has had a positive impact on the average sale price when compared to last month, with an average price per domain of £270 (November: £234).

Flip reported 23 sales this month, with an average domain price of £52 (November: £139). Total revenue hit £1,192 (November: £5,709).

Sedo had just 1 sale this month (November: 3). Total revenue £1,750 (November: £9,007), and average sale price £1,750 (November: £3,002).

UKBackorder.com was once again the top performing platform in sales, with 130 domains being sold. Revenue hit £12,792 (November: £6,834), and average sale price £98 (November: £78).

Final Thoughts

December was always going to be a slow month. It is every year, primarily due to Christmas, and everybody being skint. With this in mind, January can go one of two ways, but it is definitely a good month to be a buyer.

Why is January a good month to be a domain investor? Because some people will be looking to raise funds and recoup some of the Christmas outgoings. So my advice is to keep your eyes peeled, and get your morning routines in check for scouring all the UK domain sales platforms for any potential bargains!

I’ll look forward to seeing what the first domains sales report of 2022 brings us!

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