Welcome to the August 2021 edition of the UK domain name sales report!

For those of you that haven’t been here before, every month I give an overview of all the interesting bits from publicly reported UK domain name sales.

You can read previous UK domain name sales reports, all of which are powered by sales data from Domain Sales History.

If you have sold any UK domain names or are aware of any sales that do not exist in the database, please do get in touch and let me know.

August UK domain sales overview

There were 216 reported domain sales this month, a decrease of ~7% compared to July’s domain sales report (which had 230 sales).

All reported sales were in GBP. This means that there were no sales in international currencies (some months sales are completed in USD or EUR).

Total Sales Revenue

Revenue for this months sales totalled just £25,066, which is a decrease of ~53% when compared to July’s total revenue of £53,113.

And at this point i’ll be honest and say that this has been the worst performing month since May 2019 (123 sales, £30,218 revenue).

MonthTotal Sales.co.uk.uk.org.ukLLLTotal Value

Top 10 UK domain names sold in August 2021

The best selling domain this month is RentMy.co.uk via Sedo. After a little investigation I see that RentMy.com is developed, and is marketed as:

The Airbnb for everything you own – is a secure peer to peer (P2P) rental platform, helping Owners make money from the things they own by renting out their items that might otherwise sit idle. The platform also gives Renters the chance to rent anything, from anyone, anywhere. RentMy was originally conceived by Essex based entrepreneur Tom West whose aim is to revolutionise the rental market making a social and environmental impact in the process.

So an interesting concept and a good bit brand protection. Saying that, I see RentMy.uk doesn’t have the same registrar and doesn’t point to the .com. Maybe we’ll see an update to that in the coming months?

SouthWestTrains.co.uk was the 2nd best selling domain of the month, sold via UKBackorder.com. When navigating to the domain it’s currently just showing ads. Which makes you think – it could be a reasonable price for something that makes a few quid every month through ad revenue from type-in traffic or Google Adwords?

In 3rd position we have micro.co.uk selling for £1,550, making it the 3rd time this domain has been sold, accumulating a total revenue of £3,961. It was most recently sold in June 2020 for £1,300.


Best of the rest

In this section I like to try and highlight a handful of alternative sales that I consider good value for money, or domains that have previous sales history that’s worth a mention.

RunningShop.co.uk (+.uk) sold for £280. It is the 4th time the domain has sold, each time via Domainlore. Total accumulated revenue is £2,400, with the largest sale being in 2019 for £1,550. I was actually bidding for this domain, and I kinda wish I kept going. I’m actually a keen runner myself so it’s a domain I could definitely develop quite happily. Maybe next time…

Staked.co.uk sold via UKBackorder.com. The 2nd time this domain has been sold, both times for £50. Back in June 2021, Stake.co.uk sold for £35,000 via Sedo. Could this be a potential investment opportunity? At £50 it could be worth a punt!

123go.co.uk is potentially a nice brandable domain, selling for just £50 via UKBackorder.com.

KitchenUnits.co.uk is another one of those good potential opportunities, with plenty of affiliate programs to generate some passive income if you have the skills to develop, and snapping it up for £50 via UKBackorder.com (again!) seems like a bargain to me!

Top Performing Sales Platforms for August 2021

I like to believe that “Top Performing” is a relative phrase. Some sales platforms have been around longer and have earned a loyal customer base. Other sales platforms (like Sedo) sell a broad range of domain extensions and naturally receive a larger viewership, meaning more potential buyers which can inflate the eventual sale price.

You also need to remember that Sedo charges 15% sales commission (at time of writing) for marketplace domains. The buyer is also expected to pay a 3% handling fee for any domain purchases over 500 USD / GBP / EUR when using Alipay, PayPal, and Credit Card.

(The below table is ordered alphabetically as that seems the most sensible).

PlatformSalesRevenueAvg. Sale Price
Domainlore.uk75 (-3%)£11,793 (-20%)£157 (-17%)
Flip.uk27 (+8%)£2,345 (+30%)£87 (+21%)
Sedo.com1 (-50%)£2,500 (-82%)£2,500 (-66%)
UKBackorder.com111 (-2%)£8,428 (-18%)£76 (-16%)

So whilst Sedo sticks to tradition and reports the fewest UK domain sales each month, it has again topped the performance charts for best average domain sale price at £2,500.

UKBackorder.com was this months top performing platform in number of sales, with 111 domains being sold at an average price of £76.

Domainlore closed the month with 75 sales and an average price of £157, which I think is pretty decent considering such a slow month.

Flip reported 27 sales in total, with an average price of £87. Performance shows an increase across the board compared to last month, and I hope this trend can continue.

Final Thoughts

As I mentioned at the start of this report, UK domain name sales for August 2021 had the worst performance in both total sales and total revenue since May 2019. Let’s hope that September picks back up again.

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Author: Chris

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