I decided to create a glossary to try and provide some clarity and meaning for some of the jargon or unfamiliar terms you may have found throughout this website or elsewhere.

FTR or Free to Reg

“FTR” or “Free to Reg” is a phrase used to state that a domain name is available to register, meaning that a domain is available for you to buy (register) and use for a minimum term of 12 months.


DNS is an acronym for the term Domain Name System, which is basically a phone book for the internet.

Computers communicate and access websites using various protocols (including IP Addresses) which are neither memorable or human friendly. This is where domain names come into play – providing a human readable and memorable address for a website.

Domain Name

A domain name is human readable and (usually) memorable address that points to a website hosted on a server.

IP Address

IP is an acronym for Internet Protocol, which is a standard data format used to allow devices to communicate over a network like your home (local) network, or the internet.

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