With 2021 now firmly behind us, and being a third of the way through January already 😳 , it’s about time we start breaking down the best domain sales from 2021 into an easy to read format.

I figured the best way for me to collate, and the nicest way for you to consume this data is by creating a mini-series of posts.

The top UK domain sales of 2021

This series will comprise of posts covering:

  • The top .org.uk sales of 2021
  • The top .co.uk sales of 2021
  • The top .uk sales of 2021
  • Top selling LLL domains of 2021
  • A review of UK domain sales platforms in 2021

2021 UK domain sales report

Following this series will be an end of year sales report for 2021, covering the best of the best UK domain sales over the last 12 months, and what we can hope to see in 2022.

Author: Chris

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